257 pounds

I am a third of the way done.

Here’s the timeline


January 1, 2013 – 307 pounds (the biggest I’ve ever been)

April 30, 2013 – 292 pounds (I know because it’s my birthday, and I was in Paris, and I was so proud I had lost 15 pounds)

August 26, 2013 – 290 pounds (my surgery date)

October 7, 2013 – 257 pounds


It’s a lot, and pretty fast. And my surgeon even mentioned that I was going a little fast. So I’m trying to eat a little more. But couple that with the new addition of running, and I don’t think I’ll be able to slow down!
So I’ve set myself a very attainable and crazy goal.


75 pounds in 200 days.

I’ll start the counting on October 7, 2013, which makes my end date April 25, 2014. (Just in time for my birthday!)


What do you want to challenge yourself with for the next 200 days? Maybe it’s only 20 pounds, maybe it’s to stop drinking soda, or to eat more veggies. Maybe ti’s doing more yoga, or running. Maybe it’s giving up smoking, or alcohol.

Whatever it is, post it here, and in 200 days we’ll assess where we are. Maybe you’ll find a buddy who can help you through it!


For the record, 75 pounds in 200 days isn’t awful. It’s about 2.6 pounds a week. Which, for someone like me (who’s had surgery and is on a super crazy diet), isn’t terribly unhealthy. But, I’m also being supervised every step of the way by 2 nutritionists, a surgeon and a doctor.

If weight loss is your goal, please PLEASE consult a nutritionist, health coach, doctor or homeopath and make sure that your goal is healthy and sustainable. I know good people that fit any and all of these categories, and I’d be happy to introduce you.


So what’s your 200 day challenge?

3 thoughts on “257 pounds

  1. I am with you Kyla! Next June is my tenth anniversary and I want to be able to say that I could fit into my wedding dress again. Count me in for giving 30 pounds in the next 200 days a go:)


  2. MY list is: pilates, swim, exercise with a colleague, physical therapy and paint… Every week. I would love to lose 50 pounds in 200 days but I think even 15 more would be great.


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